Alexander Kashirin

Managing director of strategy – head of the Department Rostec State Corporation, Board member of the Innovation and R&D Directors Club

1974: Moscow Institute of Aviation Technology named after K. E. Tsiolkovsky, specialty “Mechanical engineer”.

1991: Academy of Social Sciences (Moscow), post-graduate course, specialty “Administration”.

1992: Columbia University (New York), specialty “Management” (trainee researcher).

2003: Moscow International Institute of Econometrics, Informatics, Finance and Law, professional retraining in business assessment.

1980–1988: Moscow public agencies.

1992–1994: Russian federal branch of the New York Mercantile Exchange, CEO.

1994–1996: ZAO “Forward Group LTD”, President.

1998–now: ZAO “Academ-Partner”, CEO.

2006–now: Nonprofit Partnership “Russian National Business Angels Association”, President.

2011–2013: State Corporation “Russian Technologies”, Head of the Department of Innovations and Strategic Development.

Since July 2013: State Corporation “Russian Technologies”, Managing director on strategic policy, Head of the Department of Innovations and Strategic Development.

Alexander Kashirin gives lectures and practical trainings concerning Venture and Business Angel Investment at a number of institutes. He is a Professor at the Department of Economic Analysis and high-technology Goods Production&Export Management, established by the State Corporation “Russian Technologies” in Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

Alexander Kashirin is the author of 6 books, incl. “Venture Investment in Russia”, “In search of a Business Angel”, “Strategy planning concept for Russia in the beginning of the ХХI” and more than 25 published articles. His research has focused on diverse topics in Innovation Management and Venture Investment.