Alexey Minin

Director of the Data Analytics Institute in Deloitte CIS

He has over 8 years work experience working for big international industrial company, doing Strategy assessment as a head of Strategy group, and as a leading engineer in technology development project management, technology consulting, business intelligence solutions and operational due diligence.

Alexey specializes in Strategy elaboration and financials monitoring with quantitative tools (e.g. quantitative strategy stress testing, financial modeling algorithms, business intelligence solutions), innovations search and induction paired with technologies development, operational due diligence and some particular aspects of planning activities related to the forecasting.

In a past project, Alexey has played a key role in developing systems for monitoring of the complex industrial objects and processes, fraud detection for the banking transactions, system for net sales forecasting and methods for quantitative strategy evaluation.

Alexey is an author of 5 patents, more than 20 patent applications and 20 papers at the leading international conferences and journals.

Major clients

Alexey has experience in quality management projects for metal industry for major Russian and Qatar companies (operational due diligence), Biggest Russian water treatment and supply company (operational due diligence), one of the biggest Russian online transactions company (fraud detection) and German industrial company for net sales forecasting in Russia.

Education and professional qualifications

  • Technical University of Munich, Informatics department, Robotics, Doctoral degree (Dr. rer.-nat) in Machine Learning algorithms, 2012.
  • International Banking Institute, Financial Management faculty, Master degree in Financial Management, 2011
  • Saint-Peterbsurg State University, Physical faculty, Master degree in Computational Physics and Applied Mathematics, 2008.