Andrey Vvedensky

Director of Department of Infrastructure Development at OJSC Russian Venture Company

Andrey Vvedensky graduated from The Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry for Economic Development of Russia with honors degree.

From 2001 till 2007 Mr. Vvedensky had private consultancy practice, was member of the management board of a private investment fund, where is terms of reference included investments into high-tech companies, projects ordered by governmental and commercial institutions of the technology sector, and cooperation with one of the leading Russian banks on infrastructure investment projects.

Since 2008 Andrey Vvedensky is in charge of strategic development, business planning and promotion of venture investment tools on the Russian market in the RVC. Mr. Vvedensky was member of the team that launched RVC’s Tender Two. Additionally, he was part of the decision-making process and investment project expertise, cooperating with management companies, portfolio companies and independent experts. His track record also includes supervision of the launch of the RVC Seed Fund.

As RVC’s Director of Department of Infrastructure Development, Mr. Vvedensky is in charge of RVC’s operations with elements of technological market’s infrastructure, start-up and management of RVC’s new investment products, control RVC’s infrastructure initiatives and projects execution, strategic programs, including seed companies infrastructure and globalization program. Additionally, he is member of the Board Director of RVC Seed Fund.

As a part of institutional development, different projects for modernization of legislation related to intellectual property, pooled investments and corporate governance in sphere of innovative and technological enterprise are realizing under Andrey Vvedensky management.