Itay Zetelny
Partner, Government incentives advisory and Cleantech sector leader, Ernst & Young Israel

Mr. Zetelny heads Ernst & Young’s Israel Global Incentives Advisory Practice (GIA) and Cleantech Advisory Practice . The group is the largest team of its kind in Israel. Itay advices Israeli companies on business matters, technology, collaboration, private investments, project finance, and government financing. In addition, itay is advising the Israeli government as well as the European
commission, Russian different government entities and the OECD on different topics related to stimulation of both the technology and innovation sector and the Cleantech sector as well.

Itay is responsible for managing local and global grants and incentives projects for various global companies. Itay took an active role in the creation of both the water and renewable energy stimulus programs of the Israeli government. He was leading advisor to the Israeli government for different incentives programs and did project for the OECD and a few Russian government entities.

Skills & Qualifications
► BA in Accounting and Economics from Tel Aviv University, Israel
► MBA from Tel Aviv University, Israel
► Head of the Israeli Venture Capital organization’s Cleantech committee
► Founder of the Israeli renewable energy union
► Member of the Israeli Water Forum
► Head of the CPA communication committee with the office of the Chief Scientist